Anna Ball

Dr Anna Ball is Senior Lecturer in English and co-director of the Postcolonial Studies Centre at NTU. Her research is concerned with the intersection of postcolonial and feminist theory, particularly within a Middle Eastern context. Her current research project, The Body In Flight, explores the gender politics of refugee experience and its creative representation. She works with literature, film and video art, and has published widely on questions of gender, space, border-crossing and political agency, particularly within the context of Israel-Palestine.

Selected Publications


‘Communing with Darwish’s Ghosts’, Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, 7.2 (2014), pp.135-151

‘Kafka at the West Bank checkpoint: de-normalizing the Palestinian encounter before the law’, Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 50.1 (2014), pp.75-87

Anna Ball and Patrick Williams (eds), Special Issue of Journal of Postcolonial Writing: Palestine and the Postcolonial, 50.2 (2014)

Palestinian Literature and Film in Postcolonial Feminist Perspective (Abingdon, Oxon.: Routledge, 2012)



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