Five Bodies Workshop and Reading, March 2021: ‘On Surrounding’ with Simone White

Simone White. Photo: Dana Scruggs


On the 10 March 2021, the CPRG welcomed poet and academic Simone White to deliver the fourth session in our  Five Bodies critical-creative workshops series, co-ordinated in collaboration with Nottingham Contemporary, in which she guided us through a rich discussion of the possibilities for a poetic condition of externality. This multi-media session, which took us from critical theory to ‘drill’ rap lyrics, encouraged participants to consider the concept of ‘surrounding’ through theoretical and creative exercises. Thank you to those who participated and to Simone White for this truly inspirational session.

The following evening, the associated Five Bodies Reading Series continued with performances from Himali Singh Soin, Ariana Reines and Simone White. Thank you to all the readers for a wonderful evening and to Sofia Lemos for chairing an enlightening discussion. A recording of the reading is now available to view in full here, via Nottingham Contemporary’s YouTube channel.