NTU English Research Seminar, Dr Rebecca Kosick: ‘Let the Poets Teach Us to Read’ – Wednesday 5 May 2021


On Wednesday 5th May 2021, we were joined by Dr Rebecca Kosick (University of Bristol) for the second CPRG-hosted NTU English Research Seminar of the year. Rebecca’s talk ‘Let the Poets Teach us To Read,’ explored the notion of ‘poetic reading’ in the work of Anne Carson and beyond – ‘poetic reading’ meaning ‘the kind of reading that poets do in private.’ Thank you to Rebecca for this wonderful and engaging talk, and to all those who attended.

Rebecca Kosick is Senior Lecturer in Translation at the University of Bristol, UK, where she also co-directs the Bristol Poetry Institute and runs the Indisciplinary Poetics Research Cluster. She is the author of the poetry collection Labor Day (Golias Books 2020) and the monograph Material Poetics in Hemispheric America: Words and Objects, 1950-2010 (Edinburgh University Press 2020).