Re:Vision Online Course and The Critical Poetics Re:Vision Prize 2019

In January, seventeen writers from UNESCO Cities of Literature across Europe: Dublin, Tartu, Krakow, Nottingham and Ljubljana, began an intensive online course of creative-critical writing workshops led by the Critical Poetics Research Group at Nottingham Trent University. Writing the Contemporary: Creative and Critical Thinking and Writing About Contemporary Issues provided participants with the opportunity to discuss and generate new writing about contemporary issues, including our relationship with technology and the environment, and ideas of home and belonging. These workshops introduced participants to a wide range of literary texts, critical theories and other art forms.

My approach to my work is changing because of this course. I am attempting to take in a broad range of information, analyse and evaluate it and think differently when writing a new piece.

It has developed an awareness and understating of how important critical thinking is.

I consider myself quite aware of important issues of contemporary life, but some starting points and views made me rethink some of the issues. That was really good.

Anonymous comments from participants of the online course


Every two weeks participants shared their work, receiving feedback from their fellow writers and NTU course tutors.


I found it really cool to be exchanging ideas and contributing to something that people from a few different countries are also doing, and seeing their different contexts come into their work as well.

I’ve been supported by comments about my work, things I haven’t noticed … 

Anonymous comments from participants of the online course


Now three writers from the online course have been selected to receive further mentoring as part of the Critical Poetics Re:Vision Prize 2019, with the potential to be included in a forthcoming publication.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the course!